April Dancing at JVC Squaredance

Our learners are progressing well and with a little help from some visitors we have been able to do some good mainstream also – thanks to Judy and Brian and Pam and Wayne from Sunset Twirlers. After the success of our 4th Birthday dance the members have been able to let me know some movements they had trouble with and so we have been working to rectify that. This month we have looked at the 8 chain thru – spin the top – circulates – cloverleaf – turn thru. Even the 4 new learners are progressing well with these movements. By the time this goes to print we will have visited Sunset Twirlers 23rd Birthday Dance – Congratulations Les and Anne and all the members of the Club who have helped to make Sunset Twirlers the successful group that it is. Happy Dancing Everyone Jacqueline and John.


About jvcsquaredance

Square Dance Caller - retired - now only in caller assist mode and helping out Paddlesteamer Square Dance Club on Friday nights at Victor Harbor Senior Citizens Centre - Carrickalinga house
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