More weeks of Square Dancing – a lot to learn

This last month started with Sunset Twirlers Birthday Dance – Congratulations to Les, Anne and the Club members for their efforts to keep the Club going so long and a great night of dancing.

JVC Square Dance has had a good month. We have been able to keep a square dancing each week and have been looking at different movements each week – working on learning the intricacies of runs and trades in the first hour each week and then after smoko working our way through the mainstream movements to make sure that none of them are misunderstood. It is a shame that more basics are not used everywhere – it seems that the push to the more advanced levels is killing the exploration of the many uses of the early basic movements. A number of the movements that I have been using has seen the comment – I have never seen that movement used from that position. The last few days has seen Scootback Squares Celebrate their 6th Birthday – Congratulations to Ian Rutter, The Committees who have kept this Club going and to the members who have made it possible. Thank you to the Callers and dancers who attended Scootback’s Birthday dance.

Happy Dancing Everyone Jacqueline and John


About jvcsquaredance

Square Dance Caller - retired - now only in caller assist mode and helping out Paddlesteamer Square Dance Club on Friday nights at Victor Harbor Senior Citizens Centre - Carrickalinga house
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