Square Dancing for Fun and Friendship also found at Scootback Squares visit

On Sunday 22nd June a few of our dancers from jvcsquaredance went to the 3rd Birthday Dance of Scootback Squares. This dance was at The Grenville Centre, Elizabeth Town Centre. The Club actually dances on Friday nights at St Johns Anglican Church, in Church Street Salisbury. The Day started at 1.30pm sharp – Ian Rutter is not just a good caller, he is punctual as well. Ian did the MC Duties for the day and proved himself quite capable of the job – after 37 years of Square Dancing I consider myself a reasonable judge of this. The day continued with 4 and 5 squares of dancers on the floor for most brackets. From my viewpoint every dancer who attended had numerous dances and I also observed many changeovers in between numbers. There was a great FUN atmosphere all afternoon. Mid afternoon there was break for smoko and then back to dancing to wear off the lushious spread that was devoured by all. A cup of tea and a few sandwiches filled my stomach and I was glad that I had called the bracket just prior to supper. The day overall was a great example of what Jacqueline and I have experienced each time we visited the Club at Salisbury. The Friendship of this Club and Clarity of Ian’s Calling will always make Dancers want to return for more.


About jvcsquaredance

Square Dance Caller - retired - now only in caller assist mode and helping out Paddlesteamer Square Dance Club on Friday nights at Victor Harbor Senior Citizens Centre - Carrickalinga house
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