April Dancing at JVC Squaredance

Our learners are progressing well and with a little help from some visitors we have been able to do some good mainstream also – thanks to Judy and Brian and Pam and Wayne from Sunset Twirlers. After the success of our 4th Birthday dance the members have been able to let me know some movements they had trouble with and so we have been working to rectify that. This month we have looked at the 8 chain thru – spin the top – circulates – cloverleaf – turn thru. Even the 4 new learners are progressing well with these movements. By the time this goes to print we will have visited Sunset Twirlers 23rd Birthday Dance – Congratulations Les and Anne and all the members of the Club who have helped to make Sunset Twirlers the successful group that it is. Happy Dancing Everyone Jacqueline and John.

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April includes JVC Square Dance 4th Birthday

A busy month of Square Dancing. At the end of March we headed down to Mt Gambier to help celebrate AllAbout Squares 10th Birthday weekend. Then on our return we had to go over a lot of movements to prepare our dancers for our JVC Square Dance 4th Birthday. On 14 April 2018 most of our dancers came to the hall at 10am to prepare for the dance, expecting 3 squares of dancers – due to the National Convention commencing next Thursday. At midday most left for home to change and return for the 1.30 dance. What a surprise at 1.30pm when we had 3 squares for the opening dance and people were still coming through the door. It was so wonderful to see the next bracket with 5 squares on the floor. A big thank you should go to the callers – Ian Rutter, Les Tulloch, Graham Elliott, Ros Bullbell and Milton for helping the dancers to have so much fun. It was a day where every visiting dancer happily helped our dancers to enjoy their birthday – thank you all. A special thank you to Karen and Carl, now from QLD for making the effort to come on their way to the National Conv. They were a big part of the early success of JVC Square Dance. Happy Dancing Everyone Jacqueline and John.

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JVC Square Dance going well in February – March

We had a wonderful month of dancing in February. We have enjoyed the presence of 4 new dancers who are all enjoying our favourite pastime. All the members of our group have welcomed the new dancers and are happy to dance with them. Yes we do spend a little time on some very basic movements, but we also include one or two more harder movements and work with these new dancers to ensure that they enjoy the dancing. New dancers do not know what a callerlab teaching list is, so the more advanced members are still going through the list to enjoy the inclusion of all the basic and mainstream list over a period of time. Let us hope that we can continually welcome more dancers into our activity, all inclusive. Happy Dancing Everyone Jacqueline and John.

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Square Dancing Back in Victor Harbor

JVC Square Dancing had great start to 2018. We were able to start on time at 1330 on the 6th February with 4 couples. While we were dancing two more couples arrived – making it a good start for the year. A big thank you to Judy and Brian from Sunset Twirlers who came to make sure we had a good start for the year. We even had an Oblong Dance – 4 head couples and two side couples. The dancers must have remembered a lot from last year as everyone – including beginners – ended with their original partners.

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Dancing Finished for 2017

On Tuesday 28th November we had our final dance at Victor Harbor and we will be resuming dancing on Tuesday 6th February 2018. Jacqui and I will be travelling to Sydney during the break to see her family.
To follow our travels take a look at jvctravels.com

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Travel for dancing again in October November

Our first event to visit another Club was Paddlesteamers on 14th October. This was a great afternoon’s Square Dancing and it was just down the road from home – just 1 kilometre from my place.

Then we had some good dancing with some more new dancers at our own Club – JVC Square Dance – at Victor Harbor. We had some visitors from Scootback Squares – Max and

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A variety of Square Dancing in September

September saw us again travelling to other clubs. After Yorke Promenaders 2ND Birthday dance Jacqueline and I stayed nearby and made a Club Visit on the Tuesday night.

A good night was had and there were three new dancers who were enthusiastic about continuing. On the 22nd we attended Scootback Squares Football Night and Jeff Seidel and some of Wild Frontiers dancers were there also.

On Saturday 22nd we attended Adelaide Outlaws 32nd Birthday Dance which was a good night.

Congratulations Graham and Dawn and all the members for keeping the Club active for such a long time. Last week we received our SA Roundup magazine only to find that again it had the Diary entry for JVC Square Dance on NOV 7 wrong – we do not dance on Melbourne Cup Day as is the updated entry on the SA Square Dance website – Unfortunately the next roundup will come out too late for this to be corrected.

Happy Dancing Everyone Jacqueline and John

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