Travel for dancing again in October November

Our first event to visit another Club was Paddlesteamers on 14th October. This was a great afternoon’s Square Dancing and it was just down the road from home – just 1 kilometre from my place.

Then we had some good dancing with some more new dancers at our own Club – JVC Square Dance – at Victor Harbor. We had some visitors from Scootback Squares – Max and

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A variety of Square Dancing in September

September saw us again travelling to other clubs. After Yorke Promenaders 2ND Birthday dance Jacqueline and I stayed nearby and made a Club Visit on the Tuesday night.

A good night was had and there were three new dancers who were enthusiastic about continuing. On the 22nd we attended Scootback Squares Football Night and Jeff Seidel and some of Wild Frontiers dancers were there also.

On Saturday 22nd we attended Adelaide Outlaws 32nd Birthday Dance which was a good night.

Congratulations Graham and Dawn and all the members for keeping the Club active for such a long time. Last week we received our SA Roundup magazine only to find that again it had the Diary entry for JVC Square Dance on NOV 7 wrong – we do not dance on Melbourne Cup Day as is the updated entry on the SA Square Dance website – Unfortunately the next roundup will come out too late for this to be corrected.

Happy Dancing Everyone Jacqueline and John

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August Square Dancing has been hectic.

This last Month has been real busy with two weekends away. First Naracoorte where Acey Squares had their 11th Birthday weekend.

We had 2 callers plus some brackets with recorded discs on Friday night and another 3 callers on Saturday.

The following weekend we had the SA State Convention in Mannum. A large number of dancers attended leaving the hall busting at the seams. A marquee had to be erected outside for seating as there was no room inside.

We had a Guest Caller – Keith Lethbridge from WA to add to the entertainment along with the callers from South Australia and Victoria.

Mannum is a beautiful town on the Murray River, complete with paddle wheelers. Diesel is the preferred and safer source of power these days. There is a museum there where a comprehensive outlook is shown to explain the history of the Murray River PaddleSteamers, both side wheels and the rear Push Wheels. In the museum you can read all about it and there is also a dry dock outside – together with a workshop where the boats were serviced and repaired for many years.

We had and interesting Caller School with Keith Lethbridge on the Sunday which left us callers with a bit to think about.

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JVC Square Dance is back dancing in Victor Harbor

After our month off – we are back dancing and had a good day on Tuesday 7th August. We had a square of dancers who were put through their paces both in the Basics before smoko and in Mainstream afterwards. If there is anyone out there who is a square dancer and is visiting the Floureau Coast we would love to have you visit and join in the fun and friendship. If you are not a square dancer and would like to learn then please come along on any Tuesday at 1.30pm – we love to let people experience this form of gentle exercise. If you can walk briskly down the street – you can square dance.

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JULY – no dancing at Carricalinga house

Please remember everyone that Jacqueline and I take a holiday in JULY – We will be back teaching on Tuesday 1st August 2017.

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More weeks of Square Dancing – a lot to learn

This last month started with Sunset Twirlers Birthday Dance – Congratulations to Les, Anne and the Club members for their efforts to keep the Club going so long and a great night of dancing.

JVC Square Dance has had a good month. We have been able to keep a square dancing each week and have been looking at different movements each week – working on learning the intricacies of runs and trades in the first hour each week and then after smoko working our way through the mainstream movements to make sure that none of them are misunderstood. It is a shame that more basics are not used everywhere – it seems that the push to the more advanced levels is killing the exploration of the many uses of the early basic movements. A number of the movements that I have been using has seen the comment – I have never seen that movement used from that position. The last few days has seen Scootback Squares Celebrate their 6th Birthday – Congratulations to Ian Rutter, The Committees who have kept this Club going and to the members who have made it possible. Thank you to the Callers and dancers who attended Scootback’s Birthday dance.

Happy Dancing Everyone Jacqueline and John

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A Massive Month of Square Dancing

This Last month has been an exhausting one. Another Month full of Square Dancing. After our trip to Mt Gambier for Acey Squares Birthday Weekend we headed for Bendigo. Jacqueline and I were the only two from JVC Square Dance to attend. It was a hectic time for five days of meetings and dancing.

We had a bit of tourist time in Bendigo before we had to return home to prepare for our Birthday Dance. Before that though, I called a Country Howdown at Aldinga on the Saturday night – about 40 dancers on a small floor and live music by the Cherry Pickers Band. The Heggarties Band were there as well and later it was wonderful to see Paul Heggarty – while dancing on the floor, calling some of the moves that I had taught. We might have a future caller there. Then the JVC Square Dance 3rd Birthday. 10.00 am saw about 7 dancers come along to help Jacqueline and I set up the hall for the afternoon’s dancing – A Big Thank You to those helpers. Then we were so excited in the afternoon to find 6 squares of dancers having fun with some pretty basic Square Dancing – we had to keep it pretty easy for our newer dancers. Also a big thank you to the five callers who helped me with the entertainment – and also to the members of the Society Committee who always have supported our Birthday dances. Happy Dancing Everyone Jacqueline and John

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