A Massive Month of Square Dancing

This Last month has been an exhausting one. Another Month full of Square Dancing. After our trip to Mt Gambier for Acey Squares Birthday Weekend we headed for Bendigo. Jacqueline and I were the only two from JVC Square Dance to attend. It was a hectic time for five days of meetings and dancing.

We had a bit of tourist time in Bendigo before we had to return home to prepare for our Birthday Dance. Before that though, I called a Country Howdown at Aldinga on the Saturday night – about 40 dancers on a small floor and live music by the Cherry Pickers Band. The Heggarties Band were there as well and later it was wonderful to see Paul Heggarty – while dancing on the floor, calling some of the moves that I had taught. We might have a future caller there. Then the JVC Square Dance 3rd Birthday. 10.00 am saw about 7 dancers come along to help Jacqueline and I set up the hall for the afternoon’s dancing – A Big Thank You to those helpers. Then we were so excited in the afternoon to find 6 squares of dancers having fun with some pretty basic Square Dancing – we had to keep it pretty easy for our newer dancers. Also a big thank you to the five callers who helped me with the entertainment – and also to the members of the Society Committee who always have supported our Birthday dances. Happy Dancing Everyone Jacqueline and John

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Allabout Squares 9th Birthday weekend

Square Dancing this Month in Victor Harbor has been a bit slow. We had a visit from Brian and Judy from Sunset Twirlers and that enabled us to dance more mainstream. Jacqueline and I started our trip to the National in Bendigo with a weekend in Mt Gambier for Allabout Squares 9th Birthday.

The two days of dancing were really enjoyable and we had three squares on Friday night and four squares on Saturday night. Dancers attended from Adelaide, Narracourte and Melbourne. On Friday night we had three callers – Neil Wynn from Burra Squares in Macleod Victoria – John Casey from JVC Square Dance in Victor Harbor – and of course Andrea Braun from Allabout Squares in Mount Gambier. Saturday night we had Les Tulloch from Sunset Squares in Noarlunga join us with both Square Dancing and a couple of Rounds. All in all a wonderful weekend.

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February was a good Month of Square Dancing

We returned from the Christmas break on the 7th to find we had 6 couples in attendance – Same the following week – and the next week – and then down to 5 couples last week. We have had no newer dancers attending so we did a lot of revision of some of the movements not used very often – Even Dive Thru – What a dangerous movement if people try to actually dip to go under the raised arms that are attached to vertically challenged dancers. At the average age of dancers these days I wonder at the sense of Callerlab to still have it in the list. Curlique was dropped because people were having arms twisted – Touch ¼ is so much easier and can be used to replace it quite easily – but it appears that callers are more reluctant to replace Dive Thru with Pass to the Centre – Too many word some people say – then why not rename it!!! We even danced some rectangle dances with 6 couples – everyone enjoys that. Oh by the way – Look for our Advertisement for our Birthday Dance.

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Wild Frontier 44th Birthday Dance

Last Saturday there was a fabulous night of Square Dancing at Magill in Adelaide.  Wild Frontier and Jeff Seidel celebrated 44 years of the Square Dance Club with the one caller – Jeff himself.  There were over seven squares of dancers and six callers there to give everyone a good time.  But wait – there’s more – you should have seen the supper.  We should have had more dancing after supper to help digest it all – two brackets was not enough for that.  You can tell that a good night was there to be enjoyed when people just did not want to go. There were still plenty for the last dance.

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First Dance for 2017

JVC Square Dance started off well. We had seven couples so we danced a couple of oblong dances with 4 head couples and two side couples. There were no new dancers so we did not have to do any of the new dancer stuff.  Before smoko we kept it fairly basic, but after smoko I challenged them with some movements from starting positions some of them had not seen before. Everyone seemed to have an enjoyable time with smiles everywhere.  We were fortunate to have in that number Brian and Judy from Sunset Squares – thank you for the visit on our first day back. We are so fortunate to have an air conditioned hall so we don’t have to run to a heat policy like some clubs.  Even with one of the air conditioners out of action we found it comfortable with one air conditioner and the fans to move the cool air around.

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Fist day for the year – Tomorrow

Square Dancing restarts in Victor Harbor at Carrickalinga on 7th February 2017. At Carrickalinga House we are happy to accept new dancers on any Tuesday. We dance easy basics from 1.30pm to 2.30pm. We then have smoko [ tea or coffee and biscuits] Then about 2.50 we dance Mainstream for about an hour. First day free – come and try. We love to see new faces come in the door – even if only to watch. Just check the list of what’s coming up to make sure we are dancing.

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JVC Square Dance Has been ABSENT – Sorry

I have been remiss for not editing my page for so long – my humblest apologies.

I have been very busy helping Scootback Squares and Ian Rutter with their Beginners and have run out of spare time to do my own.  I have also been helping Ian become computer savvy.  Ian is now running on computer with SqView.  I have all his CD’s on his computer and have been working hard on his vinyl.  I should have all of his records on his computer by the end of  January.

JVC Square Dance will be restarting on the 7th February.

Scootback Squares will be returning on Friday 13th January – so anybody wishing to learn to Square Dance is welcome there in Salisbury at St John’s Anglican Church – right oposite the back entrance to McDonalds.  Be there at 7.00pm and I will be restarting our Learners class from scratch – so anyone is welcome.


JVC Square Dance welcomes beginners also as of the 7th February and any Tuesday afternoon after that – 1.30pm at Carricalinga House – see the details in the right hand side bar. JVC Square Dance does not operate December, January, July , Melbourne Cup Day and the two Tuesdays either side of the National Convention [ in 2017 – 11th and 18th April ].

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